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basket sand milling machine principle and operation
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Basket sand milling machine principle

For some materials that are difficult to disperse, it is difficult to achieve the ideal particle size by using a common dispersing machine. If you want to disperse the material quickly and achieve the effect of fine grinding, and obtain stable ultrafine particles, you need to use a Basket sand milling for fine grinding Grinding.


Tools/raw materials

VMA TORUSMILL basket sander

Grinding beads: 1.0-1.2mm yttrium stabilized zirconia

Double wall grinding basket

Grinding container

Need to grind dispersed materials

Basket sand milling use steps

1.With the VMA TORUSMILL basket sander, it can be dispersed and finely ground on one machine, first adding material to the container.


2.The TORUSMILLTM basket sander is then pre-dispersed by means of a dispersing disc, at which point the torus basket is "stopped" in the upper part of the machine.


3.After the pre-dispersion is completed, the container containing the liquid component is moved to the grinder, and then the grinding disc containing the grinding bead is lowered into the liquid;


4.Now the actual fine grinding begins, the patented dispersion system achieves excellent dispersion and narrow particle size distribution in a short period of time;


5.When the fine grinding process has been successfully completed, the grinding disc is raised at this time;


6.Finally, the cleaning and grinding system is carried out in a separate conical vessel to minimize the amount of cleaning fluid required.


For solvent-free products, the  basket sand milling can be operated in an open container

For some volatile solvents, a fully enclosed lid can be used for vacuum sealing operations.