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Basket sander in the coatings industry - paint basket sander
- Oct 15, 2018 -

The basket sander is an efficient grinding and dispersing device for the coatings industry. The basket sander is a combination of grinding and dispersing processes.

Multi-function device. A basket is fixed on the nose, and the grinding body is filled therein. When working, the grinding basket is immersed in the slurry, and the grinding basket is

The inner stirring rod moves at a high speed to generate a strong suction force, and the slurry is sucked into the basket containing the grinding body for dispersion and grinding. In the role of centrifugal force

Next, the dispersing disc pulls the contents of the basket out of the basket to form a highly efficient circulating grinding.

Basket sanders are widely used in paint production, and the market-recognized basket sander is due to the unique working style of the basket sander.

It can overcome some shortcomings of the horizontal sand mill and is more in line with the needs of the market. The main advantages of the basket sander compared to the horizontal sander are:

1. Compared with the pass process of the horizontal sand mill, the basket sander saves labor and does not need to be on duty; now the labor cost soars and recruits

In difficult circumstances, it caters to the needs of the market.

2, less residual, high yield. Compared with the horizontal sand mill, the basket sander can be neglected, and the yield is high, especially suitable for small batches and multiple

Production of varieties.

3. Simple structure, easy to disassemble and clean, especially without using the feed pump and corresponding pipelines, making cleaning and color changing work easier.

The basket sander has distinctive features, but it has been questioned by the market in application, especially the simple low-end basket sander that is mass produced in China.

There are shortcomings in the design and manufacture of the product itself, which has caused adverse effects on the market.

However, with the advancement of grinding technology and manufacturing technology, the basket sander has also achieved a technological leap, overcoming the drawbacks of traditional traditions and pioneering

New situation. In particular, the introduction of the BM basket sander has solved some of the drawbacks of the basket sand mill for many years and significantly improved the grinding.


The BM basket sander has not only the advantages of an ordinary basket sander, but also its unique characteristics. Main features


1. Changed the traditional basket sander from the periphery of the basket or the bottom of the discharge method, the discharge is smoother, the amount of damage is large, and the cylinder can be worn out.

The advantages.

2. Double wall grinding basket, double wall pulling cylinder, can pass cooling water, reduce solvent evaporation, low cost and environmental protection.

3. Through special design of the basket and rotor structure and application of high wear-resistant alloy steel material, reduce metal pollution, grinding white pulp does not change color.

4. Apply static separation technology to discharge technology. A minimum of 0.3 mm grinding beads can be used.

5. The service life of consumable parts such as the discharge net is more than 10 times longer than that of the conventional model, which significantly reduces the production cost.

With the development of society, the government is increasingly demanding environmental protection for coatings, and the BM-type basket sander is receiving more and more attention. The current basket sand mill has application cases in coatings, inks, pesticides, printing and dyeing, ink and other industries. Basket sanders are also playing an increasingly important role in the field of dispersion grinding.