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Correct definition of two concepts of high-speed disperser and high-shear disperser
- Nov 09, 2018 -

  From a literal point of view, high-speed dispersers and high-shear dispersers may have slightly different functions. For example, high-speed dispersers are one of the more advanced dispersing devices in industrial production, and their speed is higher than that of other dispersers. Fast, wide range of use, complete functions, can quickly pulverize, disperse and mix materials of different viscosities in a short period of time.

       The high-speed dispersing machine can initially break a large amount of the mixed pigment, and can mix the pigment and the paint surface in a relatively uniform manner, so that some of the pigment is wetted, and finally the processed material can be turned into a semi-finished product of the color paste. The whole process is mainly distributed, and under certain circumstances, it plays a part of mixing and prepares for the next step.

      The high-speed dispersing machine can also pre-disperse the materials, and the pre-dispersion effect is better, which is beneficial to improve work efficiency and ensure the quality of the materials to be processed. Therefore, it is not only used to disperse equipment, but also can be used in the industrial production of the chemical industry, the food industry and other industries with high drug demand.

       The high-shear disperser is one of the equipments with high working efficiency in the dispersing machine. The advanced high-shear function of the dispersing machine can effectively break and disperse different materials quickly, which not only breaks through the tradition. The production process of dispersant, and the energy consumption and production cost are relatively low, the work efficiency is high, and the processed product quality is good. Therefore, the disperser has a relatively high trial production share and a relatively good development prospect.

 This kind of equipment generally has the function of stepless speed regulation, the speed can be adjusted during work, and the staff can adjust accordingly according to the needs of related work, so that the targeted speed regulation can not only improve the work efficiency but also ensure the processing of the product. Quality is currently favored by the majority of users.