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Design features and selection points of high-speed disperser
- Nov 26, 2018 -

     The high-speed disperser has a powerful function, which can comprehensively stir, mix, disperse, homogenize, emulsify, etc. the material, so it can be used to disperse the material to be processed evenly in a short working time. Emulsification, after high-frequency reciprocating, finally obtain a stable high-quality product.

    The high-speed disperser adopts the vertical design, which helps to push all the materials into the dispersion chamber, meets the requirements and requirements of fluid mechanics, and increases the working efficiency. The discharge design of the lowest outlet meets the production requirements, and the vertical pressure makes the The machine works more stably and is easy to clean.

    Under the premise of combining relevant standards, all materials in contact with materials in high-speed dispersing machines use SS316 steel or more acid-resistant Hastelloy according to production requirements, which greatly enhances the wear and corrosion resistance characteristics and eliminates equipment and The material produces physical and chemical changes that form a pollution.

    In addition, the high-speed disperser also adopts a three-layer structure with a mechanical seal design, which can be quickly installed and has high reliability and is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. According to the requirements of the pharmaceutical specifications, the surface treatment of the dispersion chamber and the discharge port, the high surface treatment quality and the dead angle design are easy to clean, and meet the cleaning standards of CIP and SIP.

    In the process of selecting a high-speed disperser, it is first necessary to clarify the effects and objectives required to use the equipment, and to understand and master the properties of the research materials in detail. Then, according to the material, the mixer of the equipment is selected; the operating parameters and structural design of the equipment are determined again. In addition, don't forget to consider the cost of the equipment.