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Different kinds of sanding opportunities match different beads
- Nov 21, 2018 -

   In fact, the original prototype of the sand mill is the traditional horizontal rolling ball mill and vertical agitating ball mill. Most modern sand mills are developed on this basis because of the large material handling capacity and high uniformity of final particle size. The characteristics are continued to be used in certain areas.

    The open vertical sander is one of the sand mills. It is improved from the vertical agitating ball mill. It uses a bottom feed and an open top discharge to achieve continuous flow of large flow. It is widely used in coatings. Grinding in industries such as non-mine. It has a volume of up to 5000L, and the beads are usually used in a size of 2.0-3.0mm, which has a low compressive strength to the beads.

    If the discharge port at the top of the open vertical sander is restricted, a new closed vertical sand mill can be constructed, which can work with pressure and can handle materials with relatively high viscosity. Dispersion disc or rod pin, the model is relatively small, 0.6-3mm grinding beads are the usual size.

    The conventional horizontal sand mill can be considered to be formed by sliding the grinding cylinder of the closed vertical sand mill, which increases the filling amount of the beads and improves the grinding efficiency. On the other hand, to solve the backlog of beads at the exit, the requirements for the shaft seal are high. Due to the small shaft, disc depth and straight barrel of the sand mill, the outer cylinder is usually used for cooling, and the medium and low viscosity slurry can be processed, and the size of the beads is 1.0-3.0 mm.

    After the improvement of the conventional horizontal sand mill, a rod-type horizontal sand mill was formed to reduce the depth of the grinding chamber. At the same time, a shaft cooling system can be added to better control the temperature of the material and increase the processing capacity of the slurry. It is suitable for processing high viscosity materials, but it has high quality requirements for beads. Usually, beads with a particle size of 0.6-2.0 mm are used.

     Turbine horizontal sander is also a modification of the traditional model. It is to change the sheet-shaped dispersing disc into a thick turbine with a cavity. The rotating turbine produces a small internal circulation of the beads to reduce the accumulation of beads in the grinding cylinder. The image, which improves the grinding efficiency, enables the production of a large flow cycle.

    In addition, there are also special-shaped cylinder sand mills, special-shaped dispersion disc sanders, ring sand mills, centrifugal sand mills, basket sand mills, nano-scale sand mills, etc. The continuously upgraded product can meet a variety of different grinding requirements.