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High Speed Dispersing in the ink industry
- Oct 26, 2018 -

 High Speed Dispersing wet superfine grinding is developed from the ball mill, which widely uses the dispersion and grinding of pigments in the ink production process.

  First of all, let's take a brief look at the ink: the ink is composed of resin, pigment, solvent and auxiliary agent. It is divided into pigment-containing color ink (also including white and black) according to whether it contains pigment, pigment-free thinner, gold-regulating oil, Varnishing oil. Formulated with a certain ink, its application and storage performance are directly related to the production process. Therefore, the purpose of ink production is to effectively and permanently disperse the ingredients in the formulation as much as possible. Among them, the pigment is the most difficult to be uniformly dispersed. The pigment dispersion and grinding are the core of ink production.

  The ink manufacturing process is generally more elaborate, preparation - ingredients - mixing and mixing - grinding - testing (hue, fluidity, fineness) - barreling

  Preparation: manufacturing and processing of pigments and binders

  Ingredients: Refining of varnish

  Mixing: mixing of various substances

  Grinding: turning secondary particles into primary particles

  - liquid ink (sand mill)

  - Paste ink (three-roller squeezing machine)

  Sand mills are used to disperse liquid inks (such as plastic gravure inks, flexible letterpress inks, etc.) with high efficiency. The biggest advantage is to ensure uniform quality, reduce color pollution, large output, and arrange continuous production. .

  The amount of grinding media is related to the viscosity of the ink and the temperature of the abrasive. Therefore, these factors must be considered in determining the amount of grinding media. The general principle is that when the viscosity of the ink is large, the amount of the grinding medium should be less. When the viscosity is small, the amount of the grinding medium can be slightly more.

  Rujia DF series sand mill can not only greatly reduce pollution, but also respond to the call of environmental protection. At the same time, its structure is stable, heat dissipation performance is high, efficiency is higher, and grinding effect is good. Shanghai Rujia is committed to high quality and high requirements, and aims to create greater value for customers to better serve customers.

  In addition, no matter which sander is used, the ink entering the sander must be well pre-dispersed in order to achieve the efficiency of the sander. Because the shearing force of the grinding medium to break the pigment aggregate is inversely proportional to the size of the pigment aggregate between the media, that is, the smaller the pigment aggregate, the greater the shear force between the media, and the grinding and dispersing effect. it is good.