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High speed mixer maintenance and maintenance
- Dec 07, 2018 -

When using high-speed mixers, maintenance procedures should be established. In addition to general equipment maintenance rules, the following items must be noted:

1 Must be carried out according to the operating procedures of the equipment, which is the best maintenance for the equipment.

2 Note that the equipment should be mixed after the equipment is started normally. The feeding should be added slowly in the order required.

3 Prepare the seal ring, the rubber ring for the coupling, the V belt and the rolling bearing. The working parts of these parts are prone to failure and should be replaced if necessary.

4 Regularly <General 1st quarter) Check whether the fasteners are loose; check the tightness of the V-belt installation; all parts of the equipment should be cleaned and dedusted.

Mixer repairs can generally be done once a year. Note the following:

1 Check the gap between the trimming paddle, the scraper and the mixing chamber wall to meet the requirements of the following table.

2 Disassemble each rolling bearing, clean and inspect; replace the severely worn parts. Replace grease and seals.

3 Check the main drive shaft for bending or wear.

4 Check the cleaning cylinder, replace the sealing ring and the guide sleeve wearing parts, check the piston rod for bending deformation and wear.

5 After the main parts are inspected, make a record, if necessary, test, prepare the parts and accessories, and propose the next repair and replacement.