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Horizontal sand mill for dispersion and grinding of carbon black
- Oct 10, 2018 -

Carbon black, also known as carbon black, is an amorphous carbon. The carbon black structure is expressed by the degree of aggregation of carbon black particles into a chain or a grape shape. By condensation

The carbon black composed of agglomerates composed of the size, shape and number of particles in each aggregate becomes a high-structure carbon black.

Carbon black can be used as a black dye for the manufacture of Chinese inks, inks, paints, etc. It is also used as a reinforcing agent for rubber. This article mainly says that carbon black is made.

Black dye.

In the production of paints, the phenomenon of flocculation of semi-finished products is often encountered. To overcome the flocculation phenomenon of carbon black in the production and storage of paints,

First understand the flocculation mechanism of carbon black.

The dispersion of carbon black is a major problem in the production of coatings. This is due to the extremely strong aggregation between the carbon black particles and the high oil absorption. In addition, charcoal

Black, especially oxidized carbon black, has a large surface area and is easy to adsorb moisture in the surrounding environment. Therefore, carbon black should be well applied in coatings.

When the carbon black is ground and dispersed, the carbon black particles need to reach a certain degree of fineness. The coarseness requirement is generally less than 15 microns, and the fineness requirement is relatively high.

The slurry requires a fineness of 5 microns or less.

In order to overcome the carbon black flocculation, generally only manufacturers will have pre-material processing, which is the material to achieve certain characteristics. Such as carbon black surface for nitric acid

Process, etc., and then enter the grinding stage.

Grinding: Carbon black is now mixed with the soaking solvent. If triethanolamine is required, it is added under high speed stirring. Disperse at high speed for more than 30min, place 24h

Add the base resin to a good dispersion and disperse it to a fineness with a horizontal sander or other grinding equipment. Then according to the weight of the controlled pigment

The concentration value is added to the base resin, and the viscosity is adjusted to obtain a finished product.