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How can we better extend the life of the sand mill?
- Jul 11, 2018 -

1. When we do not need to use the sander equipment for a long time, we should turn off the switch of the equipment and cut off the power supply, so that the equipment is good and the electricity is saved;

Second, when we use the equipment materials to finish processing, the equipment should be cleaned, so that the next time the materials are processed, it is convenient to ensure that the equipment will not be blocked;

3. When we clean the equipment, add some lubricating oil to the lubrication part of the equipment to avoid rusting of the main shaft and the cylinder;

Fourth, the oil in the box in the sand mill is replaced every six months, and the tank should be cleaned regularly. The filter is cleaned once a month;

5. If the thermal relay continues to stop due to overload, we should press the “Reset” button in the thermal relay to facilitate subsequent operation;

6. The use of the sand mill equipment is to be overhauled once a year, and the contactor at the exchange station is overhauled once every six months and replaced properly;

7. Regularly check for easily damaged parts in the grinding machine, such as oil seals, bearings, etc. If it is found that there is wear and tear, it should be replaced and repaired immediately;

Eight, for the sander pot is checked once a day, and then can make a record for the pot.