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How should the real stone paint mixer carry out the acceptance work of the equipment?
- Jan 11, 2019 -

The real stone paint mixer equipment is a kind of equipment that focuses on the production of real stone paint and is a non-standard special custom equipment. During the working process, the equipment can carry out three-dimensional inversion and stirring of the materials, so that the materials can be quickly mixed. In addition, a set of wall-mounted devices is installed on the equipment so that the equipment can be mixed without a dead angle of 360 degrees. A simple real stone paint mixer consists of: feeding equipment, real stone paint mixing equipment, discharging equipment and filling equipment. The equipment is used in one go from production to installation to commissioning. There is absolutely no second manufacturer or company involved.

When the real stone paint mixer is purchased and delivered, many companies will let the customer confirm the receipt of the equipment. Once the problem is confirmed, the problem will be after-sales. Therefore, the customers and friends must confirm the receipt of the goods. The equipment is checked and accepted to avoid the trouble of after-sales!

Now let me tell you about the equipment acceptance problem:

Verify that the equipment base is installed securely;

Check if the stainless steel surface of the equipment is smooth and smooth;

Whether the welding place of the equipment is firm;

Whether the equipment is operating abnormally or not;

Whether the equipment can be evenly mixed during the production process;

Whether the equipment can be completely discharged during the discharging process;

Only the real stone paint mixer that meets the above links can be regarded as a qualified product, so the inspection must be paid attention to during the receiving process. In this way, you can buy the best real stone paint mixer, and you can avoid all the troubles after sale!