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How to disassemble the oil supply pipe of the small high-speed disperser hydraulic system
- Sep 28, 2018 -

1. Remove the oil pipes in the return line of the small high-speed disperser, such as the main control valve to the full-flow filter, the oil pipe of the oil return filter, the oil pipe between the filter and the oil tank and the oil cooler.

2. Disassemble the rotary control valve to the oil return pipe of the filter and the fuel supply pipe of the swing motor.

3. Remove the oil supply line of the hydraulic pump.

4. Disassemble the pilot system to return the oil pipe.

5. Disassemble the drain pipe of the main pump and motor of the small high-speed disperser. Thoroughly clean the tubing. The steel tube was cleaned twice with diesel oil, and the hose was rinsed twice with a clearing solution, then blown dry with compressed air and rinsed again with fresh oil.

6, each joint is blocked with nylon, cover, or wrapped with a clean plastic cloth to prevent dust, moisture and other people from entering the system and pollute the system.