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How to select the high-speed disperser for accuracy?
- Sep 03, 2018 -

1. The difference between coarse precision, medium precision, fine precision and some other work head types is not only the arrangement of the specified rotor teeth, but also a very important difference is that the geometric characteristics of different work heads are different.

2. The number of slots, slot width and other geometric features can change the different functions of the stator and rotor heads.

3. According to past practice, the work head is specified according to previous experience to satisfy a specific application. In most cases, the construction of a high-speed disperser machine is matched to the specific application, so it is important to make the final product.

4. When it is uncertain whether the construction of a work head satisfies the intended application. We recommend that you do an experiment or test in the lab.

5. The company encourages customers to use our equipment, and we have a complete set of high-speed disperser test systems to help customers choose for you.