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Small high-speed dispersing machine maintenance precautions
- Sep 24, 2018 -

1 When the small high-speed dispersing machine is used for maintenance work, the "no operation" warning sign should be hung on the joystick. If necessary, a warning sign should be placed around the machine. At this time, if someone starts the engine or pulls the joystick, it will cause serious injury to the staff.

2 Only use the appropriate tools, use of damaged, inferior failure or substitute tools can cause personal injury.

3 To keep the small high-speed disperser machine clean. Leaked hydraulic oil, oil, butter, tools and debris can cause accidents. Therefore, keep the machine clean and clear at all times.

4 The engine should be turned off before inspection and maintenance. If the engine must be started, the safety lock lever should be placed in the locked position and repaired by two people, one person performing maintenance and the other sitting in the driver's seat to immediately shut down the engine if necessary. Personnel performing maintenance should be especially careful not to touch or move parts that are being moved by the person, and do not allow any items to be rolled into it.

5 All moving work units should be lowered to the ground or lowest position before maintenance and repair under the machine. The boom and stick angle should be maintained at 90゚110°, then lower the bucket, lower the bottom, prop up the machine, and support the machine with a safety bracket. If the machine is poorly supported, do not work underneath it.