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the production application of horizontal powerful disperser
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Guide: Horizontal powerful disperser is a horizontal continuous production of wet ultra-fine particles and machines. It adopts a high-viscosity pump such as a gear pump. The pre-mixed abrasive material is introduced into the tank main body and its operation method. The grinding tank is suitable for grinding medium, such as glass. The beads are scattered at high speed, so that the grinding medium has enough kinetic energy, particle collision attack...

     The horizontal powerful Disperser machine is a horizontal continuous production of wet ultra-fine particles and a machine, and adopts a high-viscosity pump such as a gear pump, and a pre-mixed abrasive material is introduced into a tank main body and an operation method thereof, and the grinding tank is suitable for grinding medium, such as glass beads. The high-speed rolling of the loose leaves makes the grinding medium have sufficient kinetic energy, and the particles collide and attack to loosen and shear, which can not achieve the effect. The special separation equipment is used to discharge the slack and grinding medium. Because there is no need for three roller coaster heights to achieve uniform and superior quality, but there are many continuous productions, which can improve product quality, reduce production costs, and can also be applied to high viscosity materials, due to paint, ink, It can be used in medicine, food, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries.

In the feed zone, the working chamber is drawn from the axial direction. In the waste paper pulp printing machine, the hot melt plate is heat-dissipated. It is a conical spiral cantilever material plug with a helical variable compression ratio. The spiral has a spiral cylindrical shell material. The caliber spiral cantilever carries the shredder. It is equipped with a screw shaft slurry Disperser device, a heater, and a loose spiral. Shaft and slurry heating equipment, feed screw body, chassis, motor, frame, body, chassis and body, fixed connection, motor is fixed on the frame, and is condensed in the body through the coupling spindle motor, and connected by spiral feed a mechanism provided with a slurry inlet, a slurry outlet at the bottom of the housing, the housing being held by a static grindstone and a grindstone grinding zone, a static grinding disc fixed to the feed screw mechanism, connected and fixed Rotary disc grinding disc, turntable and main shaft, the structure of the feed screw device on the body, in the first half of the spiral portion of the entire diameter, a plurality of mixing teeth are evenly distributed on the screw shaft, and a ship spiral diameter such as a feeding spiral cantilever . The rotor of the high-speed rotary machine and the line speed of attacking at least 15 m / s, in the hydraulic shear, the material of the friction, the effect of the lower collision, the liquid layer is fully dispersed, and the high-speed jet is sprayed through the stator slot together. The material from the radial relaxation machine has a high velocity jet to change the flow of the material itself and the resistance of the vessel wall in the rotor, the onset of the axial inhalation effect, together, and in both, causes intense turbulence. The process of the dispersion is finally completed by several cycles of material.

The usual strong disperser is made of roll chilled hard alloy cast iron for centrifugal forging, the surface hardness can reach above HS70 DEG; through high precision grinding, the diameter of precision fine roller, the fineness of the abrasive material reaches about 15μm, so it can produce high quality The product is even and fine. Powerful dispersers for mass production, small batches or laboratories.