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The relationship between the effect of high-speed disperser and stator, rotor and working chamber
- Nov 28, 2018 -

      It is well known that the shear dispersion effect of a high-speed disperser is inseparable from the size of the stator gap. Even if the rotation speed is high, the stator-rotor clearance is not small enough, and the dispersion effect is limited. Therefore, when determining the speed of the high-speed disperser, the premise is that the gap of the stator is required to be small enough and the precision is matched.

    The reason why the high-speed disperser can effectively separate and separate the material is because it uses three sets of precision stator and rotor as the dispersing part. When the material passes through the narrow flow path of the stator and rotor, it is subjected to super high-speed shearing action and The impact force and turbulence formed by the strong impact cause the agglomerated ultrafine particles to be separated and separated.

     Its power drive is provided by the motor, so the speed of the fixed rotor is related to the motor speed. Only the horizontal structure of the high-speed disperser is completely determined by the motor speed. At this time, the method of increasing the speed is realized by adjusting the motor speed.

    The pipeline type high-speed disperser consists of 1-3 working chambers. Under the high-speed driving of the motor, the material moves at a high speed in the narrow gap between the rotor and the stator, forming a turbulent flow, and the material is subjected to stronger hydraulic shearing and centrifugal extrusion. Pressure, high-speed cutting, impact and grinding, etc., to achieve dispersion, emulsification, and crushing effects.

    At the same time, the material itself and the physical properties and the number of working chambers and the time that the material stays in the working chamber determine the particle size distribution range and the effects of homogenization, refinement and yield. Therefore, in order to get the desired results, these aspects must be properly controlled.