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The structure and working principleof the high speed disperser for paints,
- Jan 02, 2019 -

First, the speed control mode of the disperser has electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation (such as for waterborne coatings) and explosion-proof frequency conversion speed regulation (such as for oily coatings) and other forms. There is also a small-scale dispersing machine for laboratory use of stepless speed regulation;

Second, the dispersing machine has a laminar flow state under the dispersing disc, and the slurry layers of different flow rates diffuse each other to play a dispersion role. The high-speed dispersing machine has various functions such as hydraulic lifting, 360-degree rotation and stepless speed regulation. One machine can be equipped with multiple barrels, hydraulic lifting stroke 900-1300mm, 360 degree rotation function can better meet the multi-purpose of one machine, can change from one cylinder to another in a short time, the dispersing machine is extremely Improves work efficiency and reduces labor intensity.

3. Dispersing machine is mainly used for pulverizing, dispersing, emulsifying and mixing liquid raw materials with different viscosity and slurry. Through the high-speed mixing equipment of high-speed operation of the upper and lower teeth of the dispersing disc, the material is subjected to high-speed strong shearing and impact. It is pulverized and dispersed to achieve the functions of rapid mixing, dissolving, dispersing and refining.