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The use and maintenance skills of sander accessories
- Nov 30, 2018 -

  Sand mill accessories generally include balance wheel, dispersing disc, stainless steel screen, thick sanding machine fittings and other products. In the use of sand mill, the maintenance of sanding machine parts can not be ignored, then these products should be How to maintain it?

    For the sand mill, the dispersing disc and the balance wheel are mainly dispersing. They disperse on the shaft in the dispersing disc and the balance wheel, and rotate all the objects back and forth to show a good dispersion effect. The use of grinding is long.

    However, when the sander accessories dispersing disc has been worn or partially worn and needs to be replaced with new components, it is necessary to move the cylinder first, then gradually remove the hexagon socket head cap screws and the dispersing disc and the bushing. Pay attention to the dispersing disc when assembling. Position installation so that you can get the most out of your efficiency and life.

     If it is found that the pressure gauge of the sander exceeds the normal pressure, it indicates that the machine is faulty, and it may be blocked in the machine. This is related to the stainless steel mesh screen ring of the sander accessories. In order to solve this problem, the work should be stopped to remove the cylinder to clean the stainless steel screen.

     Under normal circumstances, the whole sand mill should be thoroughly cleaned and repaired once a year to check the use of various sand mill accessories. For the sand mill accessories that should be replaced, it should be replaced in time to ensure the normal sand mill. Use for high quality grinding results.