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Triple shaft mixing tank features
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Triple shaft mixing tank features

◆ Through strong stirring form: stirring, mixing and dispersing to make the material meet the requirements in a short time.

◆Materials that meet the requirements of the product, the material is discharged from the cylinder through the pneumatic valve at the bottom of the cylinder, and can be directly filled into the container.

◆The agitator has a scraping structure between the inner walls of the barrel, so that the thicker material can not stick to the wall of the barrel through the scraper.

◆ When using water-based materials, it is easy to rinse when changing colors and products.

◆It adopts the combined structure of the main machine and the steel platform, which can be installed in one place, which is convenient for production and easy to operate.

◆The host power is reasonable and can be adapted to a variety of thick (thick) pulp products.