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​Universal disc type bead milling machine working principle and characteristics
- Aug 27, 2018 -

 The working principle of the disc type bead milling machine is that the pump pumps the liquid-solid mixed raw material after pre-dilution and stirring into the cylinder body, and the main shaft drives the dispersing turbine to rotate at a high speed, and agitates the grinding medium in the cylinder body (glass ball, porcelain ball, oxidation). Zirconium beads, alumina beads, etc., to cause swirling and radial movement. Therefore, the product is forcibly ground and dispersed to achieve the specified fineness.

   In the process of grinding, the disc sander will form pressure in the grinding barrel to raise the temperature. In order to ensure the safe control of the working pressure and working temperature by using the safety electric contact pressure gauge and the electric contact temperature gauge.

Yuling's LSM series of disc sanders combines the best of most disc sanders on the market.

   1, the device is simple in shape, compact in structure and convenient to operate.

   2, all materials in contact with the material are made of high quality wear-resistant material, long service life, to ensure no discoloration.

   3, unique centrifugal precision separation system and dynamic gap separation are available, and have self-cleaning function.

   4, imported double machine seal, using solution compatible with the material to cool, safe and reliable.

   5, suitable for continuous production or mass production, easy to change color, easy to clean.

   6, the front end is equipped with a solvent valve device to reduce the problem of material residue.

   7, pressure automatic protection device to ensure that the grinding chamber pressure is stable. All-round electrical automatic protection system, safe to use.

   8, grinding chamber and internal components, according to the specific requirements of the product. The machine can be designed according to different materials (such as super wear-resistant steel, polymer, etc.).

   9, the choice of ceramics in contact with the material, PU material for the barrel and internal components, zero metal pollution.

 Based on the above characteristics, the disc type bead milling machine has been widely used. Mainly used in titanium dioxide, advanced ceramics, industrial paints, metal paints, various coatings, printing inks, pigments / fuel / color paste, electrophoretic paint, marine coatings, anti-corrosive paints, pesticides, carbon black, furniture paint and other fields.