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What are the factors related to the excessive axial clearance of the mixer crankshaft?
- Nov 16, 2018 -

After inspection and analysis, it was found that the reason why the mixer did not reach a satisfactory mixing and mixing effect was mainly caused by the excessive axial clearance of the crankshaft of the equipment. So, what is the reason for similar problems in the mixer?

    Firstly, it may be related to the operator's improper operation of the mixer. For example, the clutch or the disengagement clutch is too close, so that the crankshaft exerts a certain impact force on the thrust bearing and accelerates the wear of the thrust bearing. Or improper maintenance, such as irregular oil-shell lubricants, so that the abrasive and rubber content of the oil in the oil pan increases, which aggravates the wear of the bearing bush and the thrust bearing.

   This kind of problem may also occur during the process of repairing the mixer. In particular, it is not very careful to check the static unbalance amount and the dynamic unbalance amount of the mixer crankshaft flywheel group, and the piston rod set weight difference is improperly matched. After the assembly, the specified technical requirements are not met, resulting in the original dynamic balance of the crankshaft and the flywheel being destroyed. In addition to the vibration, the crankshaft is axially pulsating, thereby causing an increase in the axial clearance of the crankshaft.

    In addition, improper assembly is also one of the reasons for the excessive axial clearance of the mixer crankshaft. For example, during the overhaul, the mutual position of the tile on the main bearing and the oil passage hole of the machine body is neglected. Because the oil hole of the tile on the main bearing is misaligned with the oil passage hole of the machine body, the cross section of the oil passage is reduced, so that the crankshaft bearing and the journal are made. Poor lubrication, of course, affects the thrust bearing, and the thrust bearing will accelerate wear due to lack of oil.

    When the axial clearance of the crankshaft of the mixer exceeds 0.5mm, if the thrust piece wears a lot, and the thrust shoulder of the crankshaft wears little, and the bearing clearance still meets the requirements, it should be replaced with the same specifications as the original thrust bearing. Push the film. If the thrust shoulder of the mixer crankshaft wears a lot, it is solved by welding.

    The specific operation method is to first protect the surface of the thrust journal with a heat-resistant material, and select the joint 422 electrode along the shoulder of the thrust shoulder to adopt the symmetrical welding method for segment welding. After welding, the crankshaft is machined on a grinder or lathe, restored to the original standard size, and replaced with a new thrust piece.