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What components do high-speed mixers consist of?
- Dec 10, 2018 -

(1) Mixing tank. A conical container consisting of a disk, a casing, and a top. The top cover is provided with a material inlet and a binder inlet, and the silver tray structure is a jacket type for the passage of cooling water and hot water.

(2) Rotating blades. A mixing paddle with a special shape. The blades are mounted on the main shaft and can be switched between two speeds (60r/min and 120r/min) during operation to allow the material to be thoroughly mixed.

(3) Transmission device. It consists of motor, tape wheel and reduction gear box. The motor is a variable speed speed control type.

(4) Discharge door. The discharge mechanism installed on the side of the mixing tank, the mixed material is discharged therefrom. The door opening mechanism consists of a set of linkage systems that are directly driven by the cylinders.

(5) Cooling and heating device. It consists of cooling water grid, hot water tank, cooling and hot water circulation potting. In order to ensure the temperature of the material during mixing, the amount of cooling water and hot water should be adjusted automatically.