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What is high-quality high-speed Industrial dispersing machine
- Aug 01, 2018 -

High-quality high-speed Industrial dispersing machine is widely used in high-efficiency equipment for mixing and dissolving and dissolving paints and solids. It is widely used in chemical products such as coatings, inks, pigments and adhesives. The high-quality high-speed dispersing machine consists of hydraulic system, main drive, mixing system and guiding mechanism. The electric control box is composed of five parts, and each part is compact and reasonable.

High-quality high-speed disperser installation and commissioning:

1. Installation: High-quality high-speed dispersing machine generally only needs to be installed on the horizontal foundation to make expansion bolts. For explosion-proof requirements, it is necessary to connect the cables between the electrical cabinet and the explosion-proof operation box.

2. Commissioning: 1 Start the high-speed high-speed dispersing machine lifting switch to see if the lifting is flexible and reliable. 2 Start the high-quality high-speed disperser stirring switch, and adjust the speed to medium speed to see if it is stable.

Key points for selection of high-quality high-speed dispersers:

1, to master in detail the nature of high-quality high-speed disperser materials.

2, according to the material and then for the high-speed high-speed disperser stirrer selection.

3. Once again, determine the operating parameters and structural design of the high-quality high-speed disperser.

4. Consider the installation cost while considering the cost of high-quality high-speed disperser equipment.