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what is the pin type bead milling machine
- Aug 17, 2018 -

pin type bead milling machine is a mill in which a grinding body is a steel pin. The mill is generally a wet overflow type, which can be used as a first-stage open-circuit grinding. It is widely used in the first-grade grinding of artificial stone sand, concentrating plants and chemical power plants. The mill is mainly composed of motor, final reducer, transmission part, cylinder part, main bearing, slow transmission part, feeding part, discharging part, ring seal, swimming station, large and small gear jet lubrication, basic part, etc. . The main reducer is a parallel shaft and a hard tooth surface. The pin type bead milling machine is an asynchronous motor connected to the pinion through a reducer, which directly drives the surrounding large gear to rotate and rotate, and drives the rotary part to rotate. The inside of the cylinder is equipped with a suitable grinding medium - steel pin, grinding medium in centrifugal force and friction Under the action of the material, the material to be ground continuously enters the inside of the cylinder from the feeding part, is crushed by the moving grinding medium, and discharges the product out of the machine by the force of overflow and continuous feeding to carry out the next process. deal with. The working principle, structure, type, grinding media, use, installation and installation precautions are described in detail.