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What's the advantage of the nano pin type bead mill?
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Nano pin type bead mill advantage

     Nano-rod pin sander, circulating grinding system is suitable for all fields, it is suitable for all viscosities and almost all products, the smallest grinding beads can be used up to 0.1mm in diameter, can successfully reach the highest output and enter the nanometer successfully The fineness range, the minimum fineness can reach D97<100nm.

Technical advantages

◆ Shorter and larger diameter grinding chamber can reduce the flow inertia force

◆ Longer and larger diameter separation system

◆ High flow rate ensures efficient cycle operation mode

◆ Coolable grinding shaft

◆ High energy grinding system, high strength, high force

◆ Small-size machines of the same speed can reduce material loss during refueling

Advantages of large flow cycle grinding

◆ Simple process control

◆ The cycle grinding process continues until the quality requirements are met.

◆ It can control the low material temperature because the material temperature rises lower than the pass type

◆ Additional cooling exchange system can be added to pipes and material tanks

◆One or more passes, with higher output

◆ Additional ingredients/additives in the formulation can be added during the grinding process