High Flow Dynamic Separation Type Horizontal Disc Bead Mill/ Sand Mill/grinding Mill Machine for Paint Ink Pigment Pesticide

High efficiency grinding discs with a large-surface slotted sieve to get the better beads stributed in the mill chamber.

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Product Details


· SW horizontal sand mill, sand grinding mill adopts the dual end surface mechanical sealing with reliability and durability.

· It mated with the Cooling liquid compatible to the ground material in order to reduce the pollution of ground material.

· It makes the material into aggressiveness and give the strong grind so that the grains reaches the required fineness in short time.

· The machine is easily operated with reliability and high production efficiency.

· Depending to different requirements, the different models of machines can satisfy with customers.

Working principle


- The type dispersing disk is functioned by the slot hole and multiplied profiles to produce the strong bump and friction among mediate ball bodies.

- Therefore,the material can be ground and dispersed in high efficiency.

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