Industrial Double Planetary Agitator Mixer with Hydraulic Lifting for Putty or Polyurethane Paint or Offset Ink

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Product Details

Technical Parameter




Tank capacity(L)



Speed of revolution(rpm)



Speed of rotation(rpm)



Main motor power(kw)



Product Description

· Planer type frame, stable and reliable.

· Frequency control: easy and reliable operation, energy-saving.

· New-style 8000 series speed reducer, big bearing capacity, small volume, low noise.

· The cylinder can be replaced with alternate cylinder and fork-lift truck is adopted for handling.

In this way, the maneuverability of factory as well as production efficiency is increased.

The hydrocylinder clamping type used in this cylinder is interlocked with main machine in a stable and reliable manner.

· This machine can be used together with extruder to fully discharge materials and reduce labor intensity of workers to scrape the materials on cylinder wall.

· This machine can be made into dust proof type and vacuum type.


·Applicable for high viscosity material, especially for offset ink and adhesive(putty).

·The revolution and rotation can make material uniform in short time and no vapor pocket.

·The hydraulic station control the mixing device up and down and it can move stably and security, also stop at any position.

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