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Laboratory Disperser Effective Protection Of The Motor, Energy Saving And Environmental Protection
- Jun 12, 2017 -

How does the Laboratory Disperser work?

The basic structure of the dispersing machine is composed of electric motor, dispersing impeller and ingredient tank.

Motor: The motor of the disperser can rotate the spindle by shifting.

Dispersed impeller: Dispersion machine below the spindle has a dispersed impeller, through the rotation of the spindle can drive the high-speed rotation of the impeller, and the material mixture and dispersion.

The dispersed impeller under the dispersion axis is a serrated impeller. In the impeller on the circumference of the upper and lower staggered into a zigzag pattern, the tilt angle and tangential direction of 20 ° ~ 40 °, the impeller rotation of each tooth when the edge of the edge can produce a strong impact. The outer edge of the tooth promotes the outward flow of objects to form a cycle and shear force.

High-speed dispersion of the nose: can be used by hydraulic lifting control, and can be around the column to do 180 ° ~ 360 ° rotation.

During the dispersion process, part of the material near the sawtooth is accelerated to throw, part of the internal slowdown in the edge of the teeth through the strengthening of the role of shear, the paint cycle to the vicinity of the sawtooth, continue to be accelerated and slippery, under the action of viscosity is dispersed, The teeth between the serrations can form a turbidity to increase the dispersion of the pigment particles.

1 disperser brand and type there are many, according to the different viscosity and material, choose the appropriate dispersion machine for grinding and dispersion.

2 high-speed dispersion machine, the material dispersion process can not blindly increase the speed, according to the composition of different materials to adapt to the performance of high-speed disperser to improve the efficiency of dispersion.

3 dispersing machine can not be too long, usually in 10 to 15 minutes.

4 Laboratory Disperser use time is too long, the impeller will wear and reduce the efficiency of dispersion, then you should always replace the impeller.

5 attention can not be high-speed dispersing machine empty running, the operation process, to slow start and slow stop, after the end of the operation to clean the waist brush.

High-speed Laboratory Disperser adopts hydraulic lifting method, suitable for multi-species paint coating small batch production, with casters pull cylinder can be quickly replaced, a machine with more, fast lift, high reliability, long life, no noise.

According to oily and water-based materials, use explosion-proof and general motor, electrical controller and so on.

High-speed disperser for solid-liquid, liquid-liquid chemical materials, wet mixing, high-speed stirring shaft driven zigzag dispersion plate high-speed rotation, the formation of turbulent turbulent turbulence movement, rolling up and down, efficient mixing and mixing chemical pulp, Break up the aggregate,Laboratory Disperser a variety of materials fully mixed, dissolved, shear, stirring effect.

Inverter speed, low-speed soft-start motor, dynamic balance high-speed dispersion plate, stainless steel 304 pull cylinder.

Widely used in liquid - liquid, solid - liquid chemical materials scattered mixing, strong shear, dissolving, paint, paint, new materials, dyes, inks, pigments, adhesives, resins, additives, emulsions, pesticides, cosmetic and other products.


 1, hydraulic lifting structure design, selection of hydraulic cylinder, lifting fast and stable, special sealed design, no oil, durable, 30,000 times without failure;

 2, inverter speed, low-speed start, the effective protection of the motor, energy saving, low noise;

 3,360 degrees rotation mechanism, fast for the cylinder, can be equipped with 2-4 containers, stirring;

 4, scattered shaft heat treatment process, hardness and toughness is superb, the amplitude is minimal;

 5, the installation form of land and desktop style, to meet your various production needs.