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Bag Filter Effectively Guarantee The Filter Behind The Filter
- Jul 12, 2017 -

The use of bag filter on the process of water filtration, you can remove particulate impurities, to avoid seasonal changes or abnormal water supply caused by deterioration of water quality, affecting the normal operation of production.

In recent years, low-refreshing beer by consumers, beer dilution technology can be quickly promoted. Dilution water should have the same quality characteristics as beer, and most breweries use a post-filtration dilution technique (post-filtration dilution of the production process: after ripening wine - beer filter - drinks mixed - into the sake tank), high concentration dilution with the drinks The mixer is installed after the fine filter. As the addition of diluted water will not filter beer, so the quality of dilution water requirements are very high. The dilution water obtained by the above-mentioned filtration process has clear and transparent appearance, no suspended matter and precipitate, and is added directly to the wine to be safe and reliable.

In the actual production of domestic breweries, sometimes found diatomite filter chance of sudden leakage of soil phenomenon, resulting in beer fine filter filter suddenly blocked. In order to prevent this phenomenon from occurring and to ensure the economy of production, it is recommended to install a cost-effective bag filter before the beer filter. Domestic brewers are usually called bag traps. The filter bag effectively removes larger particles and partially sticky impurities and acts as an alarm when a sudden leak event occurs in the diatomaceous earth filter, which, while blocking the inexpensive filter bag, protects the relatively expensive filtration core.

Experienced technical staff know that even if the sake of the sake of the sake of qualified, and sometimes transported to the packaging workshop after filling, the beer in the bottle will still appear black slag or other suspended matter. In the filling machine before the installation of a set of 1 micron diameter filter, can reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon.

For various reasons, there will be half a bottle of wine or alcohol after filling the problem, the corresponding countermeasures vary from case to case, open bottle recycling is an economically viable approach. In the pouring cans installed after a bag filter, can be trapped impurities, caps, broken glass, effectively guarantee the back of the filter deep filter.

When installing the bag filter, it is important to note that the direction of the filter inlet and outlet must be correct, the liquid from the inside out of the filter bag, so that dirt residue in the filter bag inside. Filter the bag before applying disinfectant or hot water soak, then carefully placed in the basket. Long time to stop or disinfection of water pipes, the filter bag can be removed, and then placed in the disinfectant soaking treatment. You must ensure that the bottom of the filter bag and the bottom of the basket contact, so as not to damage the bottom of the filter bag.

In the filter to install the filter bag, start work, we must first close the downstream valve, open the exhaust valve, and then slowly open the upstream valve, to be water or wine will filter out the air in order to close the row Valve, and then open the downstream valve, so as to avoid the increase in instantaneous pressure and damage the filter bag.

When the filter inlet and outlet pressure difference of 2-4bar, you need to replace the new filter bag. In the replacement to see if the bottom of the filter bag is broken to find the problem.

In general, regularly check the use of filter bags, to ensure timely replacement to ensure that the filter effect.

Due to the low cost of the filter bag itself, in the event of a sudden clogging phenomenon, sacrificing the filter bag to protect expensive high-precision filters greatly reduces the cost of replacing the parts of the plant and is cost-effective. In addition, the filter bag can be installed with a dedicated magnetic filter or activated carbon, diatomaceous earth to remove iron impurities or adsorption of organic matter.

Do not open the lid in the case of pressure inside the bag filter, otherwise the remaining liquid may be ejected and cause liquid loss and personal injury.

1. Close the input valve; when the outlet pressure, close the output valve.

2. Make sure that the outlet of the exhaust valve is connected to a safe or suction port (it is important to note when filtering toxic and corrosive liquids), and then open the exhaust valve to prevent damage to the workers and the surroundings Pollution.

3. Check the pressure gauge to determine that the internal pressure is 0, where the bag filter should be separated from the piping system.

4. With a drain valve, confirm that the drainage fluid is received at the recovery point and open the drain valve. The remaining liquid in the bag filter flows through the drain valve and closes the drain valve.

5. Unscrew the cover cap, lift the cover, multi-bag filter to turn a certain angle.