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Bag Filter Safe Structure To Avoid Injury To The Operator
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Bag Filter is a kind of energy saving, high efficiency, strong applicability of multi-purpose filter equipment. Widely used in automobile manufacturing, copper foil electrolyte, fine chemicals, food medicine, electronics, oil and gas, paper ... ... various industries.

There are a wide variety of Bag Filters on the market, understand the development of Bag Filter, identify the advantages and disadvantages of various filters, can better help industrial users choose the right filter.

The traditional Bag Filter uses a number of bolts to tighten the sealing device, the filter bag is replaced regularly, the frequent filter cover is not only time-consuming, and laborious; filter bag replacement process, the site workers need to stand on the high ladder, remove the already blocked filter bag. However, the disk from the filter opening surface has a certain distance, the operation requires the use of tools, very inconvenient.

The second generation filter is also called the door than the filter, using the filter to import the design below the disk. Equipment height in line with adult height, disk in the opening, replace the filter bag without tools, you can easily remove / install the filter bag. At the same time open the way there are innovations, the traditional shift around the opening and closing up and down, reducing the floor space. Equipped with a booster device to solve the problem of too heavy hijab.

A new generation of Speedo quick open filter, abandon the traditional rocker-style cumbersome opening and closing the way for the user to design a user-friendly self-balancing and V-shaped hoop-type opening and closing institutions, easy to operate, safe and reliable, especially for the need for frequent replacement Filter elements or continuous production need to quickly switch the filter of the occasion. Workers can point to operate, open and close only 10 seconds, greatly improving the work efficiency. Patented self-balancing mechanism allows the top cover to open and close vertically, greatly reducing the equipment occupancy space, the roof can be static at any angle, the unique design of the security structure to avoid injury to the operator.

Bag Filter referred to as Bag Filter, is the use of filter media will be solid particles from the dust separated from a separation device. Due to less investment in one-time, lower operating costs, and separation efficiency than the cyclone high, and thus should be widely

Filter bags are natural fiber, chemical fiber and mixed fiber and other materials. Currently widely used synthetic fibers, such as polyester, nylon, vinylon and so on. The advantages of the filter bag made of these fiber materials are high dust removal efficiency (up to 94% ~ 97%), convenient discharge and stable performance, can capture dust of different nature, the inlet concentration has little effect on its filtration performance, And is not subject to the treatment of gas restrictions, widely used in the recovery of fine dust and waste treatment. Disadvantages are not applicable to high temperature (only for 250 ℃ below), high humidity or strong corrosive treatment of waste gas; should not be cleaned with oil mist, condensate and dust adhesion of dust-laden gas and explosion hazard or with a spark Of the flue gas, when the dust concentration is greater than 10g / m3, should be added pre-purification dust collector. Used in the pharmaceutical industry.