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Bag Filter Simple Structure, Accurate And Convenient Operation
- Jun 21, 2017 -

When we introduce the filter, we have to mention the bag filter. Bag filter is a new type of filter, suitable for difficult to filter the solid-liquid separation of the suspension, in the environmental protection and chemical industry has a wide application before the harsh. In order to meet the various requirements of all walks of life, various forms of different solid-liquid separation and filtration equipment came into being.

In terms of filtration, regardless of the form of its equipment, the bag filter filter mechanism is nothing more than two:

1, on the surface of the filter medium at this time the filter medium is very thin, solid particles were trapped in the filter media surface to form a filter and the filtrate through the dielectric layer pores were separated.

2, the filter medium has a certain thickness, solid particles are mainly trapped in the filter medium.

These two filtration mechanisms rely on the pressure difference between the two ends of the filter medium to carry out, there is no boundaries between the two, often exist at the same time. The filtration rate is generally related to the pore size of the filter medium, the filtration pressure, the solid concentration of the suspension, the particle size distribution of the solid particles, the compressibility of the solid phase and the suspended colloid. At present, in the environmental protection and chemical industry The solid-liquid separation required is highly accurate and the materials to be treated are often difficult to separate. Requirements filter device structure is simple, accurate and convenient operation, the output of the filtrate as clear as possible, the initial run-time filtration is short, there is sufficient mechanical strength and stiffness. And requires careful consideration of the chemical composition of materials from the aspects of economic efficiency and quality control and the completion of the entire process in a sealed system. The bag filter is a new type of filter that meets these requirements and is suitable for solid-liquid separation of refractory suspensions.

Bag filter filter mechanism is basically these, but we actually in the filter operation, we have to conduct a pilot study, to more clearly grasp the bag filter filter mechanism.