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Explosion-proof Disperser
- Dec 30, 2016 -

Dispersing machine is mainly used for explosion-proof paint, ink, paint, color, paint, road marking paint, Polyurethane paint, alkyd enamel, mixed paint, solvent-type flammable and explosive chemical products production. For smashing, dispersing, emulsifying, mixing, by dispersing plate play tooth of high-speed operation of the new plant, the material is strong at high speed cutting, impact, smashing, dispersing, rapid mixing, dissolution, dispersion, refine function. Feed zone, and axial inhalation working Chamber. Dispersing machine mechanical movements and explosion-proof hydraulic lift two, mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, main drive, mixing system, steering mechanism, electric control box consists of five parts: each part, compact structure, reasonable. Dispersing plate type: flat tooth type, three-blade, disc, other forms. Dispersing plate below the disperser is laminar, slurry layer mutual diffusion of different velocity, dispersion. High speed dispersion machine with a hydraulic lift, 360 degree rotating, stepless speed regulation and many other features. Can configure 2-4 containers, hydraulic lifting stroke 1000 mm, 360-degree rotating function can satisfy the use of a machine, can be in a very short period of time from one shift to another cylinder-cylinder operation, disperser greatly improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.