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Extruder Give Full Play To The Effectiveness Of The Machine
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Mechanical properties, chemical properties and electrical properties. 1 to 2 exhaust ports between the feed port and the head can remove moisture and other volatile components from the molten extruded material. But the cylinder opening is often the emergence of some of the most common problem is from the exhaust vent, a small amount of material will affect the discharge of volatile, so that the quality of products affected; a lot of material will block the exhaust, or even lead to downtime The

There are two reasons to take the material generally, one is unreasonable screw design, resulting in the exhaust material at the back of the exhaust; Second, the exhaust port design is unreasonable, in the molten material through the exhaust when the "caught." Find the reason first from the row

Gas in the screw to see whether the material back, in most exhaust extruder, can see the screw in the forward movement of the melt. Under normal circumstances, the tank filled with the degree of material does not exceed 50%, if more than, not only affect the exhaust effect, but also may cause exhaust vent; less than 50%, the screw can work properly. The material may be due to unreasonable design of the vent or shunt element.

Extruder is the plastic molding processing and granulation of the important equipment, the normal use of the extruder, can give full play to the effectiveness of the machine to maintain a good working condition. Must be tirelessly careful maintenance, to extend the life of the machine.

The main failure of the extruder is abnormal wear and damage to the transmission parts or damage, bad lubrication caused by abnormal noise and abnormal vibration, and there are foreign body stuck, links and other materials.

Extruder is the main equipment for extrusion molding and brick production. The principle of brick extrusion process is: water wet mud material added to the extruder, the upper mixing mud spiral mixing and mixing, through the sieve plate cut into a thin mud into the vacuum box, fine mud in the vacuum box After the degassing treatment and then by the lower squeeze screw and spiral propeller to further stirring, kneading, mixing evenly and squeeze tightly, and finally by the nozzle extrusion molding for a certain shape, size, smooth surface, high density , Large mechanical strength and low moisture content of the brick body. The factors that affect the quality and yield of the extruder are multidimensional, understand and master these general laws, and take effective measures to improve the quality and yield of the products and enhance the vitality and competitiveness of the enterprises by studying and improving the extrusion process. Significance.

Extruder is the production capacity depends not only on its own production capacity, but also subject to the performance of the unit supporting equipment and specifications, supporting equipment specifications should match the host, such as whether the artificial trolley material, or the use of hoists, rail car for the material , Will have to match the output of the extruder, otherwise, will make the efficiency of the extruder can not give full play, if the feeding equipment selection is too small, it will lead to insufficient supply, even if the extruder production capacity and then large, It is difficult to achieve the design production.

Practice has proved that the mud through the full preparation, that is, through the full purification, broken, uniform ingredients and wet mud, is conducive to improving the quality of molding and product quality. Therefore, the general sets of extrusion units are equipped with box feeder, double rod crusher, biaxial mixer and other mud processing equipment. These raw material processing equipment is the premise of the production of high-quality products, through the treatment can make a variety of raw materials to achieve a detailed refinement, mixing evenly, consistent moisture content, thereby improving the molding performance of raw materials to improve the quality and production of mud Are helpful. In order to improve the quality of brick, must be equipped with mud equipment, conditional manufacturers should also have soil or raw materials for aging treatment.

The length of the machine mud tank, the mouth of the mouth of the taper, mud tank is the compression ratio, the pitch of the cutter, the helix angle and the gap between the mud cylinder, the mud and the distance between the cutter, the box feeder The height of the ram, the angle of the mixer, the spacing of the nipples, etc., have a great impact on the efficiency of the extruder, and for the different nature of the mud, the above parameters should be a different choice and timely adjustment. If these parameters are improperly selected or can not be adjusted in time, will inevitably affect the efficiency of the extruder. The head of the machine, the mouth set the resistance is too large, the mud is slow, back to the mud serious, twisted dragon, lining easy to wear, mud tank fever, heavy load, low extrusion efficiency, low yield; , The machine set the resistance is too small, the mud is too fast, but the quality of the body is difficult to achieve the desired requirements, or even not molding. In the case of the quality of the blank is guaranteed, should try to reduce the nose, machine mouth resistance, in order to improve the production of brick machine. The greater the helix angle and pitch of the reamer within a certain range, the faster the speed of the mud, the higher the yield. In general, for low porosity products, due to the smaller resistance of the machine head, increasing the lead will help to increase production. However, the helix angle and pitch of the reamer increased to a certain extent, because the mud with the twist to increase the rotation is not easy to be advanced, but also reduce the efficiency of the extruder. Especially in the plastic index of raw materials is low, brick products, the hole rate is high, the molding is generally more difficult, spiral is not too easy. Spiral closed length is an important factor affecting the extrusion efficiency, appropriate is the spiral closed length is conducive to improve the extrusion efficiency. If the length of the screw is too short, it is not possible to provide sufficient resistance to the mud, and the mud into the head and the huff cylinder will cause serious reflow phenomenon, resulting in low extrusion efficiency. The length of the screw is too long to extend the mud Unnecessary transport compression distance increases the unnecessary power consumption. Both of these conditions reduce the extrusion efficiency and yield of the extruder. The number of revolvers of the cutter is another important extrusion parameter of the extruder. In the range of the propulsion and the length of the screw, the speed of the reamer is faster and the yield is higher, but the quality of the extruded body is reduced. A certain size of the brick machine with the appropriate twist speed.