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Extruder To Ensure That There Is Sufficient Processing Margin
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Extruder is the plastic molding processing and granulation of the important equipment, the normal use of the extruder, can give full play to the effectiveness of the machine to maintain a good working condition. Must be tirelessly careful maintenance, to extend the life of the machine.

The main failure of the extruder is abnormal wear and damage to the transmission parts or damage, bad lubrication caused by abnormal noise and abnormal vibration, and there are foreign body stuck, links and other materials.

Lao Huo that in order to avoid the occurrence of failure, in addition to strict daily maintenance, maintenance and repair, but also need to know these:

First, the extruder screw wear

Causes of wear

The normal wear of the screw and barrel of the screw extruder mainly occurs in the feeding zone and the metering area. The main reason for the wear is caused by dry friction between the sliced particles and the metal surface, and the wear is reduced when the slices are softened and softened.

Screw and barrel of the normal wear and tear will occur when the screw ring and foreign body stuck, ring knuckles are clotted material clinging, if the screw extruder lack of good protection device, a strong driving force may be broken Screw, stuck will produce unusually large resistance, resulting in serious damage to the surface of the screw and the barrel of serious scratches, barrel scratches is difficult to repair. Barrel from the design principle to ensure that the service life is longer than the screw, the normal wear and tear for the barrel, generally no longer repair, often with the repair screw thread method to restore the barrel bore and screw diameter with the radial clearance

The solution of screw wear

The local damage of screw thread is repaired by surfacing special abrasion resistant alloy. Generally use inert gas shielded welding and plasma argon arc welding, metal coating technology can also be used to repair. First wear the wear of the screw outer surface, the depth of about 1.5mm, and then surfacing alloy layer to a sufficient size to ensure that there is sufficient processing margin, and finally grinding the outer diameter of the screw and the screw side to the screw shape is the original size.

Second, abnormal noise

(1) If it occurs in the gear unit, it may be caused by damage to the bearing or poor lubrication, or it may be caused by gear wear, improper installation or improper installation. Can be replaced by changing the bearing, improve lubrication, replace the gear or adjust the gear meshing situation and other methods to solve.

(2) If the noise is sharp grinding sound, should consider the skewer position skew, resulting in the possibility of shaft head and drive shaft scraping research. Can be resolved by adjusting the barrel.

(3) If the barrel is noisy, it may be that the screw is bent or the set temperature is too low to cause excessive friction of the solid particles. It can be handled by straightening the screw or raising the set temperature.

Third, abnormal vibration

If this happens in the reducer, is due to bearing and gear wear caused by the replacement of bearings or gears to solve; if occurred in the barrel, it is due to the material mixed with hard foreign body, need to check the material clean, If necessary, in the hopper built-in magnetic device, used to absorb iron.

Fourth, the screw at the entrance of the ring closure material

This failure is mainly due to cooling water or flow caused by insufficient, need to check the cooling system, adjust the cooling water flow and pressure to the required requirements. It is also possible that the large raw material in the raw material clogs the feed port and needs to clean the feed port.