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Filters To Ensure The Normal Performance Of The System To Extend The Service Life Of Components
- Nov 02, 2017 -

filters by the cylinder, stainless steel filters, sewage section, transmission and electrical control part of the composition. When the filters is working, the water to be filtersed enters the water inlet and flows through the filters, and enters the user's piping through the outlet. The process is circled, and the particles in the water are trapped inside the filters. The filters is an indispensable device on the conveyor medium pipe, usually installed in the inlet valve of the pressure relief valve, the relief valve, the water level valve, and the square filters other equipment. filters has a certain size filters after the filters, the impurities are blocked, when the need for cleaning, as long as the removable cartridge out, after processing can be reloaded, therefore, the use of maintenance is very convenient.

The main role of the filters is to control the pollution level of the hydraulic system to ensure the normal working performance of the system to extend the service life of components. Selection of filterss with low filtration accuracy or minimal maintenance of the filters can cause excessive contamination of the system, making the system unreliable or damaged by hydraulic components. The performance of the filters depends on two aspects, one is the ability to filters contaminants, that is, filtration accuracy; the other hand, including capacity, pressure drop and over-current capacity. The correct choice of the filters needs to be carefully evaluated according to the technical requirements of the entire hydraulic system and the characteristics of the various types of filterss.

The selection of the filters includes the type of filters, the selection of the model and the determination of the location of the filters in the circuit. Among them, when selecting the model of the filters, first select the appropriate filters type according to the hydraulic system design requirements, and then select the appropriate filters model and specification according to the filtration precision. In addition, the following points should be considered:

① filters in a long time to maintain adequate flow capacity;

② filters has enough strength, not because of the role of oil pressure damage;

③ filters corrosion resistance is good;

④ filters can be in the specified temperature lasting work;

⑤ filters cleaning and replacement is simple.

In addition to selecting the filters accuracy, the location of the filters should be determined based on the pollution sensitivity of the hydraulic system and components and the type of filters selected to minimize the contamination of the oil. The filters can be installed in various locations in the hydraulic system, such as the suction and drain ports of the hydraulic pump, the inlet and outlet ports of the actuator, the inlet of the sensing element, and so on.