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Filters With Strong Anti-fouling Performance, Convenient Sewage
- Oct 09, 2017 -

A Filters is a device used to remove solid impurities from a fluid. In the chemical plant on many machines, there are Filterss of the figure. Before the oil enters the machine, it is necessary to set the Filters before the fuel oil enters the nozzle and before the feed oil or seal oil enters the pump, before the steam condensate enters the trap.

Net Filters using the Filters directly to intercept water, oil and other liquid impurities, remove water, oil in the suspended solids, particulate matter, reduce turbidity, water purification and oil quality.

Filters selection principle requirements

The Filters is a small device that removes a small amount of solid particles in the liquid to protect the equipment from normal operation. When the fluid enters the Filters cartridge with a certain size of the Filters, the impurities are blocked and the clean filtrate is discharged from the Filters outlet, When the need for cleaning, as long as the removable cartridge removed, after processing can be reloaded.

1, the Filters import and export diameter:

In principle, the Filters inlet and outlet diameter should not be less than the matching pump inlet diameter, generally consistent with the inlet pipe diameter.

2, nominal pressure selection:

Determine the pressure level of the Filters according to the maximum pressure that may occur with the Filters line.

3, the number of holes in the choice:

The selection of the number of holes in the Filters mainly depends on the impurity particle size to be intercepted, depending on the process requirements of the media process. A variety of specifications can intercept the size of the screen size check the following table "Filters specifications."

4, the Filters material:

The material of the Filters is generally the same as that of the connected process piping. For different service conditions, it is possible to consider the choice of Filters for cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel.

5, Filters resistance loss calculation

Water Filters, in the general calculation of rated flow rate, the pressure loss of 0.52 ~ 1.2kpa.

Filters application

1. Stainless steel Filters

Stainless steel Filters is widely used in steam, air, water, oil, and other media pipeline; to protect the pipeline system of various equipment, pumps, valves, etc .; from the pipeline rust, solder ballast and other impurities, And damaged. Stainless steel Filters stains strong, easy to discharge, large circulation area, the pressure loss is small, simple structure, small size, light weight. Filters material are stainless steel, corrosion resistance, long service life.

2.Y type Filters

Y-type Filters delivery medium piping system is an indispensable kind of Filters device, Y-type Filters is usually installed in the pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve, water level valve or other equipment, the inlet side, used to remove impurities in the media, To protect the normal use of valves and equipment. Y-type Filters with advanced structure, small resistance, convenient discharge and so on.

3. Y-type telescopic Filters

Y-type telescopic Filters with a new type of design, the Y-type Filters and telescopic joint combination, simple structure, easy to use, to solve a variety of different standard products between the different length of the flange caused by the installation of fixed pipe defects, The telescopic Filters is mainly used for high-rise construction, multi-storey building or factory water supply and drainage piping, usually installed in the pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve, water level valve or other major equipment, the end of the installation of the rod extension Filters easy Remove pipe debris or disassemble to ensure the normal use of valves or equipment.

4. Basket Filters

The basket Filters removes small equipment containing a small amount of solids in the liquid to protect the compressor, pumps and other equipment and instruments from working properly; it is also a small device to improve the purity of the product and purify the gas. Therefore, the basket Filters is widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, medicine, food and other industries. Basket Filters with shell, sewage cover, Filters, Filters, bolts and other components.

5.T-type Filters

T-type Filters is widely used in steam, air, water, oil and other media in the pipeline, the protection of pipeline systems on a variety of equipment, such as pumps, valves, etc., from the pipeline of rust, To block and damage the pipe. Shanghai-US valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. production of T-type Filters with strong anti-fouling performance, convenient discharge, large circulation area, the pressure loss is small, simple structure, small size and other characteristics; T-Filters Filters material are stainless steel, Corrosion resistance, long service life; T-type Filters is also divided into DC and baffle type, the density of the Filters 10 mesh-120 mesh, temperature 0 ~ 450 ℃, according to user needs to choose.