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Industrial Disperser Increase Dispersion Efficiency
- Oct 24, 2017 -

The basic structure of the Industrial Disperser is composed of electric motor, dispersing impeller and batching tank.

Motor: The motor of the Industrial Disperser can rotate the spindle by changing speed.

Dispersing impeller: The main spindle of the Industrial Disperser has a dispersing impeller, which can drive the dispersing impeller to rotate at high speed through the rotation of the spindle, and the mixing and dispersing effect on the material is produced.

The dispersing impeller under the dispersing axis is a sawtooth type impeller. In the circle edge of the impeller staggered into zigzag, the tilt angle and along the tangent direction of 20°~40°, the impeller rotation of each tooth of the vertical edge surface can produce strong impact. The outer surface of the tooth pushes the object to flow outward, forming a cyclic and shearing force.

High-speed dispersion of the head: can be controlled by the use of hydraulic lifting, and can be around the column to do 180°~360° rotation.

During dispersion, part of the material near the sawtooth is sped up, a part of the internal deceleration slip through the teeth inside the edge of the shear action, paint cycle to the vicinity of the sawtooth, constantly accelerated and sliding, under the effect of viscosity is dispersed, serrated teeth between the hole can form gas turbidity, to increase the dispersion of pigment particles.

The brand and type of Industrial Disperser have many kinds, according to different viscosity and material, choose suitable Industrial Disperser to grind and disperse.

In the dispersing process of high speed Industrial Disperser, the speed of the material can not be blindly improved, and the dispersing efficiency is improved according to different materials.

Dispersing time can not be too long, generally in 10-15 minutes or so.

Industrial Disperser use time is too long, its impeller will wear, reduce the dispersion efficiency, at this time should replace the impeller.

Note that the Industrial Disperser can not be run, operating process, slow start and slow parking, the operation end of the waist scrub clean.