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Laboratory Equipments Maintain The Safety And Stability Of The Equipment
- May 27, 2017 -

At present, the maintenance of Laboratory Equipments is a very complicated work, many institutions have Laboratory Equipments department, responsible for maintaining the safety and stability of Laboratory Equipments, but there are many problems that many Laboratory Equipments maintenance personnel is not enough understanding or attention. Here again to the general popularity of medical Laboratory Equipments maintenance and maintenance.

The first point, detailed daily maintenance, to protect the normal operation of Laboratory Equipments is essential.

Routine maintenance seems simple, but many times it is not taken seriously, but also the most easily overlooked; but many times the big problem is often accumulated by the small problem. To do with the clinical use of active coordination, to keep the instrument surface clean; before use to check the voltage, the power is normal; use the process to observe the function of the instrument is normal and fill in the use of records. In the daily maintenance to develop good habits, to avoid damage to the incident.

The second point, Laboratory Equipments maintenance work, must be carefully dealt with, do not carelessly.

Laboratory Equipments and Laboratory Equipments failure, to do a good job before the maintenance of information collection, preparation work; including model, factory number, fault time, fault occurs when there is no abnormal sound, whether a sudden power failure, the instrument has not moved and so on.

Maintenance should be noted that the demolition of medical Laboratory Equipments in the process, we should pay attention to the order, do not use brute force forced dismantling. Remove the tightening screws, small pieces, etc. can not be casually put, to be classified, to avoid loss. Laboratory Equipments maintenance is completed, the installation, and then in the reverse order step by step to restore the original, no spare parts. Damaged parts, but also to make a mark, after the resumption of the original, do not appear wrong.

After the repair work is completed, to clean the instrument surface, turn on the power to see if it can work properly. Calibration Laboratory Equipments, return to normal working condition, and then by the use of personnel try to see whether the instrument to restore the original working condition, so as not to leave hidden dangers. Finally clean up the scene, check whether the missing tools, etc., and fill in the maintenance log to stay to view.

Maintenance of the protective engineers in the maintenance of Laboratory Equipments, we must always pay attention to the protection work, whether it is leakage or cross-infection and other issues, should pay attention to protection. Do not cause unnecessary accidental injury.

The third point, regular maintenance checks, the problem as soon as possible to find, as soon as possible to solve.

Detailed preventive maintenance content should include:

Visual inspection: 

Appearance inspection First check the instrument buttons, switches, connectors, whether the loose and dislocation, plug socket contact with no oxidation, rust or poor contact, the power cord with or without aging, cooling exhaust is normal, a variety of ground connections and Is the pipe connected well?

Cleaning and maintenance:

Is the surface of the instrument and the internal electrical parts, the mechanical part of the cleaning, including cleaning the filter and the relevant pipeline, the instrument on the plug socket cleaning, to prevent bad contact, the necessary mechanical parts of the oil lubrication. The following are the same as the "

Replacement of wearing parts:

Replacement of accessories that have reached the service life and performance degradation, undesirable components or those specified in the instruction manual for periodic replacement, to prevent possible failure to expand or cause machine failure. The lack of battery charge to urge the relevant personnel to carry out regular charging, remove the Laboratory Equipments obvious and potential of the various failures. The following are the same as the "

Functional check:

Power on the check the lights, the indicator is normal, through the adjustment, set the various switches and buttons, enter the function settings to check the basic function of the device is normal. Through the simulation test, check the Laboratory Equipments alarm function is normal.

Performance Test Calibration:

Test the DC power supply voltage regulator, the circuit to test the point voltage or waveform and in accordance with the requirements of the instructions necessary for calibration and adjustment to ensure that the technical indicators of the instrument to meet the standards to ensure that the instrument in the medical diagnosis and treatment of quality The The following are the same as the "

Security check: 

1, check the rack is solid, the mechanical operation is normal, the connection parts are loose, shedding or rupture.

2, check the various leads, plugs, connectors, etc. whether the damage, grounding is reliable, grounding resistance and leakage current is within the allowable limit.