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Mixer High Efficiency, Low Energy Consumption, Small Size
- Oct 24, 2017 -

The Mixer is a kind of high-efficiency mixing equipment without moving parts, its basic working mechanism is to change the flow state of the fluid in the tube by using the mixed element fixed in the tube, in order to achieve the goal of good dispersion and full mixing between different fluids. The equipment is widely used and cannot be disassembled.

Mixer is a kind of advanced mixer which began to develop in the early 1970s, in 1970, the American Kenis company first introduced the Mixer of its research and development, 20th century generation, the domestic related enterprises have also invested in the research and production, in which the emulsified fuel production has also been well applied.

Since the 1970s, Mixer has been in the chemical industry, food industry, textile light industry and other industries have been applied, and achieved good results. However, Mixer, as a patented product, is not only confidential but also made a disposable structure at home and abroad. At the same time, the curing agent and epoxy resin viscosity difference is very large (epoxy resin viscosity is the curing agent viscosity $number times), the two fluids in the pipeline flow rate is very low, causing them to be difficult to mix evenly.

Mixer is an advanced unit equipment, unlike the agitator, it has no moving parts inside, mainly using fluid flow and internal units to achieve a variety of flow and the structure of the special design rationality. Mixer and Kong, Venturi tube, mixer, homogeneous and other equipment compared with high efficiency, low energy consumption, small size, investment province, easy to continuous production. In the Mixer, the motion of the fluid follows the rule of "partition-shift-overlap", and the main function of the mixing process is shift. The shift can be divided into two main categories: "relative displacement caused by velocity distribution in the same section and" Multi-channel relative shift ", and the shift modes of different model mixers are also different. Hichine Mixer is not only used in mixing process, but also can be used in the process of mixing-transfer, including gas/gas mixing, liquid/liquid extraction, gas/liquid reaction, enhanced heat transfer and liquid/liquid reaction. Mixer is widely used in plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, mining and metallurgy, food, daily chemical, pesticide, cable, petroleum, papermaking, chemical fiber, biology, environmental protection and many other industries. Because of the low energy consumption, investment province, good effect, quick results for the user has brought considerable economic benefits.

Mixer working principle, is to allow the flow of fluid in the pipeline impact of various types of plate elements, increase the flow of laminar flow velocity gradient or formation of turbulence, laminar flow is "division-position Movement-rejoin", turbulence, the fluid in addition to the above three kinds of conditions, but also in the direction of the section will produce severe eddy There is a strong shear force used in fluids to further split the fluid into a mixture, eventually mixing to form the required emulsion. The "static" mixer refers to the absence of moving parts in the pipe, only stationary components.

The mixing process of a Mixer is performed by a series of mixed units of different sizes installed in a hollow pipe. Because of the role of mixing unit, so that the fluid sometimes left, and sometimes right spin, and constantly changing the direction of the flow mixer, not only the central fluid to the periphery, but also the surrounding fluid to the center, resulting in a good radial mixing effect. At the same time, the rotation of the fluid itself will occur at the interface of adjacent components, this perfect radial circulation mixing effect, so that the material to obtain a mixed uniform purpose. Mixer is a kind of high efficient mixing equipment without motion, so that two strands or many strands of fluid can be cut, cut, rotated and blended to produce a good dispersion and full mixing between the fluids by fixing the inner part of the mixing unit in the tube.