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Mixing Dispersion Machine
- Dec 30, 2016 -

Mixing dispersion machine used in paints, dyes, inks, pigment dispersion machine, cosmetics, resins, adhesives, emulsions, pharmaceutical, oil and other fields of liquid and liquid-phase material mixing, dissolving and dispersing at high speed, the speed can be adjusted (0-1440 RPM). Mixing dispersion machine stepless speed regulation: electromagnetic adjustable speed, vvvf (as used in waterborne coatings) and explosion-proof frequency (for example, oil paint), and other forms. Stepless speed regulation function can fully meet the different requirements of each process, you can select a different speed according to the different stages. Powder without additives, on Crystal materials with high integrity requirements do not apply. Working principle of high speed disperser serrated Circular distributed in containers completed high-speed solid-liquid dispersed, moist, depolymerization, are stable. Makes slurry is scroll ring flow, produced strong Vortex, slurry surface particles is spiral-like Xia down to Eddy bottom; in dispersed disc edge 2.5-5mm at formed turbulence district, slurry and the particles by strongly shear and the impact; regional outside formed upper and lower two a beam flow, slurry get full cycle and the turned; dispersed machine of dispersed disc below is laminar State, different velocity of slurry layer each other diffusion up to dispersed role.