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Paint Dispersion Machine
- Dec 30, 2016 -

Paint the disperser is one part paint manufacturing equipment, decentralized systems, paint dispersion machine smashing, dispersing, emulsifying, mixing the paint, by dispersing plate play tooth of high-speed operation of the new plant, the material is strong cut, high-speed impact, smashing, dispersing, rapid mixing, dissolution, dispersion, refine function. Paint mixing, dispersing, dissolving solids such as high efficiency. Besides paint dispersion machine, paint manufacturing equipment also includes feeding systems, ground systems, paint systems, materials and filtration systems, filling systems, control systems, operating platform, color production parts. Material from the input and expected output, product packaging, fully automated production and assembly-line production processes, high efficiency, adopting international advanced dispersion grinding system, fineness, and stable product quality. Part of the paint dispersion machine, mechanical lift, main drive, mixing system, steering mechanism, electric control box consists of five parts: each part, compact and reasonable structure. Dispersing plate type: flat tooth-type, three-blade, disc. Paint dispersion machine adopts electromagnetism speed regulating, variable-frequency adjustable-speed and three-speed specification motor running solid, suitable for all kinds of viscosity. Both hydraulic and mechanical lift, lift to rotate, adapt to various locations, General and explosion-proof configurations, safety, reliability, simple operation and maintenance; production of strong continuity, the material can be carried out quickly dispersing and dissolving, dispersing effect, high production efficiency, smooth running, easy to install.