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Sand Mill Grinding Acaricide-biphenyl Oxime Snail Ester Data Size Report
- Oct 01, 2018 -

Acaricides, which are used to control herbivorous mites, are called acaricides. The common acaricide varieties are snail ester, bromo oxime ester, avermectin and oxazolidine.

  Biphenyl oxime snail ester suspension is a mixture of biphenyl phthalate and snail ester. Biphenyl phthalate is a new type of selective foliar spray acaricide. The mechanism of action is medium & pivot & god & Trans-transfer system of aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor, effective for each stage of life, has ovicidal activity and knockdown activity against adult mites (48~72h), and has a long-lasting effect period (lasting period) Around 14d), it is recommended to use the dosage range for crops, and the risk of parasitic wasps, predation mites, and grasshoppers is low. Spiroester is a chemical with a molecular formula of C21H24Cl2O4. Its characteristics are: new structure, unique mechanism of action; broad spectrum of killing, strong adaptability; contact toxicity, no systemic; egg and young kill, mainly inhibit the fat synthesis of earthworms, block the energy metabolism of earthworms.

  The sand mill is a grinding and dispersing device commonly used in the production of pesticide suspensions. The process is to use a pump to input a high-speed stirring mixture into a sealed sander chamber in a mixing axe, and contact with a high-speed rotating grinding medium, thereby Strong collision and friction between the solid particles in the material and the sanding medium achieve the purpose of accelerating the grinding of fine particles and dispersing the group.

Sand mill grinding acaricide-biphenyl oxime snail ester data size report

The sand mill is selected by Rujia 1LSF series rod ceramic sander


Amylin-diphenyl phthalate snail ester original particle size distribution


Grinding with a Rujia SF rod sander for 20 minutes

to sum up:

  The above experimental data is that the data obtained by grinding the sander is not cycled. The initial particle size D90 is 76.7um. After 20 minutes, the D90 is finished at 3.1um, the cooling water is 10 degrees, and the grinding temperature is controlled at 29 degrees. The customer has seen the fineness. After that, it is much better than expected. Speak with data, and data is convincing.