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Self-clean Filter Sensors And Transmission Parts Of The Protection
- Jul 21, 2017 -

Many users in the installation of Self-clean Filter will be called when the telephone installation should pay attention to the problem, in fact, our equipment will be shipped with a detailed installation instructions, the above will be a detailed description of the installation of the note, To solve everyone's questions, we here to announce the installation of the eight criteria, please refer to:

(1) installation and use, should pay attention to the control box, sensor and transmission part of the protection, to prevent damage.

(2) according to the Self-clean Filter on the main body of the arrow prompts the direction of connecting the pipeline, so that the direction of the water flow on the body and the arrow on the same body.

(3) Self-clean Filters should be installed on water equipment that needs to be protected and as close to water as possible.

(4) In the power system, the Self-clean Filter should be installed between the pump and the water equipment, the closer to the water equipment. When the pump and water equipment before the pressure exceeds the limit pressure of the filter, the Self-clean Filter can also be installed before the pump and as close as possible to the pump.

(5) automatic sewage valve connection is divided into flanges and silk, sewage pipe should not be too long, it is best not to exceed 10 meters.

(6) installation should be considered easy to repair, Self-clean Filter should be installed before and after the closure of the valve, and should be installed bypass pipe. Self-clean Filter should be left on both sides of the maintenance space, the filter should be set aside in the direction of the cylinder length of space to replace the filter.

(7) Self-clean Filter specifications should be matched with the pipeline or flow, when a single filter can not meet the system flow requirements can be connected in parallel two or more, in order to achieve system filtering requirements. Take any form of installation, should pay attention to the direction of the automatic discharge valve to the level of or down to ensure a more thorough sewage.

(8) Self-clean Filter When installing outdoors, please pay attention to water and rain.

Self-clean Filter works (suction)

Water enters from the entrance, first through the coarse filter filter out the larger particles of impurities, and then reach the fine filter. In the filtration process, the fine filter gradually accumulates the dirt and impurities in the water to form a filter impurity layer. Since the impurity layer is deposited on the inside of the fine filter, a pressure difference is formed on both inside and outside of the fine filter The

When the filter pressure reaches the filter default value, it will start the automatic cleaning process, where the continuous supply of clean water, cleaning valve open, cleaning room and suction device water pressure dropped significantly through the filter and smoke Tube pressure difference between the suction pipe and the cleaning chamber through the suction nozzle to produce a suction to form a suction process. At the same time, the filter electric motor drives the suction pipe to do spiral motion in the axial direction.

The combination of axial movement and rotary motion of the suction filter completely cleans the entire surface of the filter. The entire rinse process takes only ten seconds. The drain valve closes at the end of the wash. The filter begins to prepare for the next rinse cycle.

Self-clean Filter works (brush)

The water to be treated enters the body from the inlet, and the impurities in the water are deposited on the stainless steel screen, resulting in a pressure differential. The pressure switch reaches the set value, The entire cleaning process only takes tens of seconds, when the end of cleaning, close the control valve, the motor stops rotating, the system returns to its initial state, began to enter the next filtration process. After the installation of the equipment, by the technical staff to debug, set the filter time and cleaning conversion time, the water to be treated by the inlet into the body, the filter began to work properly, when the preset cleaning time, the electronic control to the hydraulic control valve , The drive motor signal, causing the following actions: the motor drive the brush rotation, the filter to clean, while the control valve to open the sewage, the entire cleaning process only lasts for several tens of seconds, when the end of cleaning, close the control valve, the motor stops rotating, The system returns to its original state and begins to enter the next filtering process.