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High speed disperser bolt removal method
- Sep 21, 2018 -

1. General Disassembly of the bolt connection The disassembly operation can only be carried out after the necessary safety inspections have been carried out with the connector in a naturally deactivated state.

2. The disassembly operation requires the use of suitable tools to disassemble according to the specified torque. At the beginning of disassembly, the pressure should be tentatively applied or gradually increased to the specified torque. After the safety is determined, the bolt connection can be loosened.

3. If the high-speed disperser disassembles a group of multiple bolts, loosen and loosen the bolt connections in the specified order.

4. The method commonly used to remove the rusted bolt connection adopts the principle of tightness and looseness. In the removal, first turn in the direction of tightening, and then loosen.

5. It is not advisable to use a wrench to disassemble the high-speed disperser rust nut; it is better to use a socket wrench because the ordinary wrench is easy to slip, which is not conducive to nut removal.