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Silver paste preparation method--sand mill
- Oct 12, 2018 -

Silver paste - a slurry for making silver electrodes. It is formulated from silver or other compounds, fluxes, binders and thinners. Is made of high purity

(99.9%) a viscous slurry of a mechanical mixture of metallic silver particles, binders, solvents, and auxiliaries.

The main component of the silver paste is metallic silver particles, and the size of the silver particles is related to the conductivity of the silver paste. At the same volume, the particles are large and micro

The contact probability between the particles is low, and there is a large space, which is occupied by the non-conductor resin, thereby forming a barrier to the conductor particles and conducting properties.

decline. On the contrary, the contact probability of fine particles is improved, and the electrical conductivity is improved. The effect of particle size on conductivity, due to processing

The influence of conditions and screen printing methods must satisfy the smooth passage of particles through the mesh mesh and the processing conditions of silver particles.

It is good to control at 3-5μm, so that the conductive particles can smoothly pass through the mesh and be densely deposited on the substrate to form a full conductive pattern.


For the grinding of silver particles, the silver paste is ground. If the fineness requirement is not very high, a three-roll mill can be used. If the particle size is fine

The requirements are high. If the particle size is controlled at 3-5μm or nanometer, it is necessary to use a sand mill.