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Superior performance of pin type nano sand mill
- Aug 20, 2018 -

More than 20 years of sand mill production experience and the introduction of sand mill technology, has now grown into a domestic first-line brand of sand mill! Provide sanding process suitable for various refinement requirements, Yile sand mill, nano sand mill, horizontal sand mill grinding fineness is no less than imported sand mill. Provide incoming trial grinding to ensure you choose the sander that best suits your process requirements!

Efficient aspect ratio:

Efficient aspect ratio design of the cylinder, the source is used for the structure, and the staggered rods are arranged to lengthen the effective time of the material in the mill.

High energy ratio:

The new pin-type nano sand mill rotor concentrates the maximum energy ratio of the beads. Improve the grinding efficiency and refinement, while reducing the resistance of the material in the grinding chamber, more suitable for medium and high viscosity ultra-fine material requirements

Extended bearing housing:

The RETNU integrated process annealing eliminates the welding stress and is formed by deep processing of the boring machine. It solves the problem that the bearing position of the domestic sanding machine is different, which causes the spindle to jump, the stability and service life of the image equipment. Among the domestically produced products, the extended bearing housing is unique to Yiler.

Large area discharge method:

Large-area tubular centrifugal discharge application (see the picture to the right), large discharge area, small gap (common specifications are: thickness 0.1mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm), special small-diameter medium, minimum 0.2mm Zirconium beads ensure ultra-fine grinding and improve grinding efficiency. At the same time, the discharge net is installed in the center of the rotor, and the centrifugal action of the high-speed rotor makes the particle size distribution of the discharge narrower, and reduces the impact of the beads on the grid and prolongs the service life. The invention solves the defects that the traditional dynamic and static ring discharging structure can not be microbead grinding, the discharging speed is slow, and the grinding medium is easily broken.

All-round cooling:

The internal thread guide type cylinder cooling method is adopted, and the top cover is double-cooled, and the heat dissipation efficiency is 2-3 times that of the conventional sand mill, and the heat inside the grinding body is effectively lost.

Machinery Seal:

Cartridged double mechanical seal for up to 8-10kg pressure. Originally imported, brand: German Bergman. Special for nano sand mills, designed for fine particle materials. The whole piece is easy to use and can be replaced without professional staff.