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What are the installation principles for hydraulic components of high-speed dispersers?
- Sep 17, 2018 -

1. The hydraulic components should be eliminated from the barbaric operation during assembly. For example, excessive force will cause deformation of the parts, especially the use of copper rods to knock the cylinder block and seal the flange. .

2. The parts should be inspected carefully before assembly. When assembling, the parts should be pressed with a little hydraulic oil and gently pressed in.

3, clean application of diesel, especially rubber components such as seals, dust seals, O-rings, etc. If you use gasoline, it is easy to aging and lose the original elasticity, thus losing the sealing function.

4. It is forbidden to use twine, sealing tape and adhesive as sealing material, otherwise it will pollute the hydraulic component system of high-speed disperser and may cause system failure.