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Bag Filter Clean More Easily, Less Filter Residue
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Bag filter - chemical decarburization, solid-liquid separation, large flow of water, chemical products such as liquid filtration

Large flow bag filter with a reasonable structure, simple and flexible, energy efficient, efficient, wide range of applications, adaptability and other characteristics of multi-purpose filter equipment. There are two kinds of top-mounted and side into the structure of the form, with fine polishing, high pressure shot blasting treatment, so that the inner and outer walls more smooth, easier to clean, filter residue less, easy to replace the filter bag.

The company can provide standard filter, can also be designed specifically for specific applications designed non-standard filter system, both qualified for ordinary liquid filtration, can also be used in food, health and pharmaceutical industries, in the strong Corrosive harsh application environment in the same ease.

1) according to the filter bag is divided into single bag, multi-bag;

2) bag filter according to the size of the bag is divided into 1,2,3,4 bag filter;

3) the direction of the liquid into the import and export is divided into the next out, side into the bottom and bottom into the bottom out;

4) filter material optional, such as 304,316 L, CS carbon steel, 304 coated PTFE, PP, etc .;

Bag filter system principle

Bag filter is a new type of filtration system, the filter inside the metal mesh by supporting the filter bag, the liquid flow from the entrance, filtered by the filter bag after the outflow of impurities were intercepted in the filter bag. The filter bag can be replaced or cleaned after use.

Bag filter is a wide range of applications, adaptable multi-purpose filter equipment. In particular, the leakage rate of the filter bag side leakage is small, the bag filter structure is novel and reasonable, the sealing is good, the circulation ability is strong, the operation is simple and so on. Can accurately ensure the accuracy of filtration, and can quickly replace the filter bag, the basic filter without material consumption, making the operating costs. Bag filter for alcohol, beverages, food, viscose, resin dyes, ink and oil products, chemicals and other industries liquid fine filter. Filter fineness by the filter bag to ensure that the middle without sampling re-inspection, and supporting the pump installed in the mobile cart, can be moved to any production line to filter.

Bag filter A novel, small size, easy to operate and flexible, energy efficient, efficient, closed work, applicability of the multi-purpose filter equipment. It is a pressure filter device, mainly filter tube, filter cover and quick opening mechanism, stainless steel filter bag reinforced mesh and other major components, the filtrate from the filter shell side of the inlet pipe into the filter bag, filter bag itself Is the device in the strengthening of the basket, the liquid through the required level of grade filter bag that can get a qualified filtrate, impurity particles blocked by the filter bag.

Bag filter used by the filter method is a side of the side of the method, you can also take side into the bottom of the method, the filter inside and outside the surface to take mechanical sandblasting polishing solution, easy to clean. Bag filter with a reasonable structure, good sealing, circulation to strong, easy to operate, and many other strengths, very suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, food, electroplating and other industries.