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Mixer Features
- Dec 30, 2016 -

1 strong centrifugal forces dumped items from radial detachment, narrow precision clearance between the rotor and centrifugal extrusion, liquid friction, hydraulic impact and so on comprehensive action items were initially dispersed.

2 high speed disperser line speed of rotation of the rotor produces more than 15m/s, material in the liquid layer strong hydraulic shear, friction collision, tearing and so on are fully dispersed, broken through the stator slot high-speed projects.

3 dispersible material continually shot out from the radial speed, resistance to change in the material itself and the container wall flows, at the same time in the rotor area up and down under the action of axial suction, and the formation of two strong turn upper and lower turbulence. After several cycles of material, and finally complete the process.